Ideas for Wedding Decoration

We all know that bride and groom are the main characters for the wedding.

But the decoration is vital to complete a perfect wedding as well. The leading roles always need the supporting role to support them. Decoration defines the theme of your wedding and expresses the atmosphere of that you want all your guests to experience. It’s just like holding a party! Let’s start from pick the theme of wedding. There are some examples of the wedding decoration.

Flowers could be the theme of a wedding and the rose is one of the most classic choices for a romantic wedding.


From the food to the table, anything you can see in the wedding could be part of the decoration.



Source: Project Wedding

Because you have chosen rose as your theme, and it is luxurious enough, just keep other elements plain and simple to make your wedding elegant.

And if the colour red is too strong for you, the pink rose could be a lovely choice which is softer.




If you dream of holding your wedding on the beach and it comes true, it would be very nice. The nature is the best decoration! But if you can’t do it, why not choose it as the theme for your wedding. Pick blue and white as the main colour.


Source: Wedding Deco

Just take the real beach wedding as the concept for your inspiration



Source: Beau Coup                                                             Source: Brides



Source: Bride

If you would like your wedding to be colourful and interesting, rainbow could be the best choice. It includes various colours and makes the wedding lively!

rainbow-wedding-style-ideas-color-scheme-001Source: Brides


Source: Wedding Bee




Source: Brides

These are just some ideas to inspire your wedding decoration. Come up with your own ideas and create your unique deco for the wedding!


Paris Haute Couture S/S 2013-wedding dress

In this period, there are many fashion shows hold in different fashion cities. After Paris fashion week, it comes the Haute Couture show. Nowadays, the style of fashion brands become more plural. Some of the fashion brands are no longer to take wedding dresses as their closeout clothing for the whole series. However, there are still many well-known advanced customization brands stick with this tradition. All of the dresses are amazing and masterpieces! Moreover, the new s/s 2013 haute couture collections were filled with flowers, bright colour and light couture season.Which wedding look is the best? Let’s see some dresses in the 2013 s/s  Haute Couture show.





The inspiration of  Chanel collection is from the city(Weimar) which is in German. Designer  Karl Lagerfeld uses  the forest idea as his design. Also the collection filled with the 18th century romanticism atmosphere.  This series emphasizing the structure of the shoulder. As a result, many clothes are  hollow on the shoulder and bare neck lines deliberately in order to show the charming of the women. Chanel’s pleasing  2013 s/s Haute Couture collection shows the fantastic embroidery craft for all series products and all clothing are beautiful as the collection was. .

Chanel’s show ending by the super models Kati Nescher and Ashleigh Good. Two models hand in hand with the little cute model Hudson Kroenig appearance to the runway.It means the  gay-marriage. The designer Karl Lagerfeld take a particular action in order to support the lesbian wedding. (The issue of lesbian wedding was discussed in Paris.) How do you think about his behaviour? Support or against ?


Valentino haute Couture collection is so gorgeous. Chiffon, flowers, lace and sheer details made up this fabulous collection!



Georges Hobeika

Georges Hobeika creates different cutting of the dresses  in this collection. The closeout clothing of  Georges Hobeika is the wedding dress that you can see in the picture on the right hand side. White wedding dress with transparent lace and corset. Many details and small peals are decorated on the wedding dresses. This wedding dress looks so elegant, isn’t it?



Zuhair Murad



Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli has published the collections for four seasons in the  Haute Couture show. As a result many people are looking forward to seeing their new s/s 2013 Haute Couture collection. In this collection, models are look like fairies. I like the design of this collection,a bit sweet! Although the dresses are not too exaggeration but still amazing!






Elie Saab


Wedding Food: Wedding Cake Never Absent

An amazing wedding not only needs the bride and bridegroom but also wedding cake that is an important element! After the touch moment of wedding vow next step is cutting the wedding cake, the married couple holds the slivery knife together and cuts the cake meaning they will face all the happiness and difficulties together in the future. The wedding cake will also impress the guests to remember this wedding.

Let’s think about how to choose the best wedding cake. Well…not so hard, just need to know what kind of theme you pick and where the wedding location is. Pick up some examples to describe.

For the garden wedding, the cake should be full of lively, nature and fresh atmosphere. 

ImageFrom: Ann-Kay Design

Using the chocolate to create the antique wood and the sugar to make the animals, flowers and leaves, then the bottom case is the wood shape to raise the facticity. The chocolate antique wood presents forever love. Nifty deer looks married couple like send the blessing to them. Furthermore, the bloom flowers mean the love blooming as well. This cake is very suitable for outdoors garden wedding.   

 ImageFrom: Southern wedding

If you favour simple and concise style, this magnolia wedding cake will suit your preference. 5-layer cake uses sugar to make white magnolia with green leaves to ornament. Exhibit this wedding is pure but lively. The married couple is blooming as the flowers. Just imagine the picture of this cake placed in the garden under the white tent with lovely music and the married couple holds slivery knife together to cut down. What a wonderful moment!

ImageFrom: Bridal Guide

Want to be the autumn bride; this cake will enhance the atmosphere. The lowest layer use chocolate cake to make the shape of tree. Seems like the solid love. Upper layer uses the white cake to be background to highlight sugar made garnitures that turn red leafs, red buds and two red birds. Buds like the new life for married couple, waiting for blossom. When holding the wedding on autumn, all leaves turn to red and put it in the garden. The picture will be amazing and feel warm.


Already have too much flower in the garden, want some beautiful guests to join the wedding? Why not invite the butterflies to be your special guests! The 5-layer chocolate cake are not too much garnish, come to front are flying butterflies that bring wish happiness to the married couple. Putting it in a mass of blossom garden is especially eye-catch.    

ImageFrom: Event Inspiration
ImageFrom: Cake Love


Want something different? You can try cupcake. Cupcake is small but you can gather them together TO be a huge wedding cake. In addition, the couple can decide how they want to arrange. Using different cupcakes to create a garden. Just building a dream garden. Moreover, cupcake is easy to share and eat. Every guest will love them. 

This time is about garden wedding cake, you can choose it depending on what kind of element you prefer. Trying to create the atmosphere as you wish. And the best thing is the wedding cake that is able to present your love!

Less is More: Green Wedding

Are you an environmentalist? Wanna hold an eco-friendly wedding?

Some people perhaps concern about how much pollution that holding a wedding will bring to the environment. Sustainability has become an important issue in fashion industry. Why not hold your unique environmental friendly green wedding!

Give up the luxurious limousine and take coach as the substitution. Getting on your coach, you are like prince and princess in the fairy-tale. It is romantic and harmless to the environment.

wedding-coach-and-horses_66Source: Trek Earth

To be environmental friendly does not mean you cannot wear beautiful dress. There are some designers are making the dresses with sustainable fabric and cottons. Now, you can find there are many green wedding dresses are made of cotton. It is still stylish and fabulous! You will feel comfortable when wearing them and meanwhile you are still the most beautiful woman on your big day


 Soure: Pure Magnolia                                         Source:




Source: Natural Bridal

Or if you don’t mind, try to find some used wedding dresses! Though they have been worn, you can reform it to make your own style! It also could be more affordable.


Used Vera Wang wedding dress from Once Wed

For the wedding venue, omit the unnecessary decoration. If you favour outdoor wedding, you will find nature is the best adornment!



For the invitation, you could also use the recycled paper which is less harmful to the earth!




When selecting the food served on your wedding, the organic, local and seasonal are recommended. Also, less meat more vegetables will be greener! On your menu you can tell your guests it is a green wedding and why you make this choice.


Who says green wedding cannot be fashionable? Holding your environmental wedding you are not only has beautiful appearance but also a kind heart to your living place.

Who says wedding dresses are boring?

Have you ever thought about what kind of wedding dresses that you want to wear in wedding day? Every bride dreams of her wedding dress and wants to be the most beautiful and outstanding girl in wedding day. Most wedding dresses are standard, romantic, elegant, white and long train – typically traditional wedding dress.

However, some of the brides want to be more creative than others. Because of this reason, there are more and more specific wedding dresses – creative, unusual, and unique. Some of them are unique because they have special painting or they were made of unusual materials and colours or the wedding dresses have a very long train. Here are a few examples of uniqueness in wedding dresses design. Let’s say — nontraditional wedding dresses with some creative ideas and concepts:

Balloon wedding dress

Balloons can be used in different occasions, and they are not only for decorations. Some balloon artists use their creativity to make many unbelievable and amazing products. Someone who comes up the idea-balloon dresses. It can be seen below in the pictures. Some of  the brides say that they feel like they’re floating on air when wearing balloon wedding dresses. Maybe some people may think that a wedding dress made out of balloons is such a crazy idea, but there’s no doubt that  it’s a unique and creative wedding dress for the bride.


3 (1)


Is it food or wedding dress?

What? Food can be turned into wedding dress? Food is not only for eat but also can be used in other ways? Have you ever thought that wedding dresses made by food? Don’t kidding me! But as you can see, here is a wedding dress inspired and made by profiteroles. It’s so incredible, isn’t it? I wonder that whether they ate profiteroles or not after the wedding.

 strange-wedding-dress-05 - 複製

Flower wedding dress

alexander-mcqueen-bridal-2011-inspiration-horz - 複製

Left picture: Nude silk organza embroidered with silk flowers and fresh flowers, “Sarabande”, Spring 2007.

flower-wedding-dress (1)-horz - 複製

Toilet paper wedding dress

Toilet paper which is life necessities and use in a variety of purposes. People use it everyday but may not think that it can also use in creative and interesting ways. Can you image that people use it to make a wedding dress? Oh!You must to believe it! Toilet paper wedding gown creation is stunning and gorgeous! Let’s take a look at some of these incredible masterpieces below the pictures.

toilet-paper-dress-299x257 - 複製


cashmere-2008-thien-le - 複製

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

Animal concept of wedding dress



chinese_peacock - 複製

How long is the train of wedding dress?

Unusual wedding dress with an incredibly long train? Princess Diana also wore a particular long train wedding dress in her epic royal wedding. The couple in this picture is from China. Compared to the normal wedding dress, the wedding dress that the bride wore has a very long train. Hopefully, their love can be endless like the train.

strange-wedding-dress-02 - 複製

Whatever your style, whatever your look, find your unique and creative wedding dresses from above ideas.

To be the unique bride!