Every one has right to Love— Same-sex marriage

Nowadays, more and more people willing to expression their feeling and love even though they love the same-sex. Maybe some people said same-sex love is violating the law of nature. But I think it is power of love, no one can expect and stop it when love comes to you.

In the world, there are 11 countries admission same-sex marriages, as follow: Denmark, Argentina, Iceland, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Belgium and Netherland. Therefore, some region in USA, Mexican and Brazil has admission same-sex marriage as well. There are other format similar same-sex marriage, civil union, domestic partnership or registered partnership. The civil union right is almost same as marriage but lack the name of marriage. The domestic partnership or registered partnership is only the partnership in the low, compare with marriage lack lot of right. in UK only admission the oversea civil union and registered partnership.

ImageFrom: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same-sex_marriage

So what should we celebrate the same-sex marriage. For bridegrooms it is simple, they can choose the same suit with same colour or different colour. The most important is match the partner dress. For brides there more match ways, can be both dress, both suit or one dress and another suit.


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The wedding decoration can use rainbow be the theme, the rainbow wedding cake and witness of wedding and marriage couple with rainbow accessory. Then the dolls on the wedding cake should be change to same-sex. The location just depends on the marriage couple to choose. Most of the wedding is held in the beach or garden somewhere without traditional pressure.


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Getting married is a big event of life; every one has the right to get marry with the person who loves. Sexual is just a different between physiological. Love is a great power to make both attract each other. Therefore respect every one who brave to pursue love.


Fairytale Wedding: The Little Mermaid

As we all know, a perfect wedding is a once in a life time dream of a girl, a journey of becoming a woman. We are all looking for the romantic, passionate and memorable wedding because it will be one of the most important day in our life. Everything must be perfect.

Today’s wedding theme is Fairytale:

Have you ever dreamed of being Ariel from the Little Mermaid story? And looking for your perfect guy? Surely he won’t be Prince Eric and you can’t be a real mermaid, but hey, we got the perfect mermaid bride gowns for you! Take a look at these gorgeous wedding dresses with chapel trains.

Now our little mermaids with the most beautiful body, you needed something special to bring out your characters, like a dropped waist gown with long tail. The two gowns below are perfect for the job, they are elegantly looking, tightly fitted with unique and asymmetric tailoring. The dress on the left is showing something unique about the sweetheart neckline, made from the finest organza fabric. its tail is fully decorated with flounced below the hemline. When you are walk down the aisle , your dress would look like seaweed swaying  in the ocean blue! On the right, the asymmetric neckline would definitely enchant your bridegroom!

ImagePnina Tornai

Girls, check out this strapless sweetheart organza dress encrusted with sea shell lace appliqués. Don’t you think the long tail is also very fitted with the mermaid style?


Justin Alexander

Apart from being romantic, mermaid are also cute, independent and full of characters. The strapless gown below is made from the finest silk encrusted with beaded jewel decoration around the neckline. The stitch panel skirt also present a touch of the Mikado, combining the ladylike and imperial styles into one lovely mermaid dress.


Victor Harper Couture

If you are looking for a dress that is more down to earth and less extravagant, there is also the sweep chain which is slightly shorter than the chapel train. We all love sparkly and shinny things! The strapless silhouette dress is covered with crystals made by Swarovski, a signature tulle bejeweled trumpet in the middle and lots of dainty beaded all around the skirt,. This is definitely an enchanting choice!


 Ines DiSanto

With its long tail and squamous design, This glitter and swooning fitted shape with sweep chain gown is defintely that the best resemblance of a mermaid. The feature is classic sweetheart neckline with a dew waist, scoop and zipper back design and some organza appliqués on the skirt.


Maria Karin Couture

The embroidery style is always a timeliness and romantic choice. This strapless mermaid gown is made with jasmine silk, embroidered with Alencon lace around the bodice and hipline. What a unique and enchanting vintage style wedding dress!


  Victor Harper Couture

If you want to be slightly non-traditional, there are plenty of colorful dresses to choose from.As we all know, the littler mermaid story is full of happiness and contentment . The red dress presents the independent personality of the bride, who is outgoing, energetic and passionate.

On the other hand, blue is the colour of the ocean, it makes you imagine the long white beaches and sunny weather. This blue mermaid dress presents a more sophisticated, peaceful and intelligent appearance.


Strictly Weddings                                               Rosa Clara

As we have said, everything must be perfect, in addition to the wedding dress, the right moment must also be happening in the perfect location. Choosing the ideal venue caused some headaches.

To tie in with the little mermaid story, a long white sandy beach would be the ideal location! It would be amazing to enjoy the memorable moment under the sun with the endless blue ocean behind the scene.

Here are some images of venue based on the ocean concept. Mid day or sunset are often the preferred choices. For mid day, guest could experience the warmth sunshine with the gentle wind that carries the scent of the ocean. To the host, they can take place their wedding in the mid day on the beach.

At dawn, the newly merried couple could celebrate their wedding with an enjoyable and romantic dinner, whilst listening to the blessing of countless sea waves. The key feature of the decoration will be ocean theme colour. Blue represent the ocean, green for the trees and white for the spindrifts.





Simply thinking about all these is already breathtaking. I hope you all love the fairytale wedding. 

Ideas for Wedding Decoration

We all know that bride and groom are the main characters for the wedding.

But the decoration is vital to complete a perfect wedding as well. The leading roles always need the supporting role to support them. Decoration defines the theme of your wedding and expresses the atmosphere of that you want all your guests to experience. It’s just like holding a party! Let’s start from pick the theme of wedding. There are some examples of the wedding decoration.

Flowers could be the theme of a wedding and the rose is one of the most classic choices for a romantic wedding.


From the food to the table, anything you can see in the wedding could be part of the decoration.



Source: Project Wedding

Because you have chosen rose as your theme, and it is luxurious enough, just keep other elements plain and simple to make your wedding elegant.

And if the colour red is too strong for you, the pink rose could be a lovely choice which is softer.




If you dream of holding your wedding on the beach and it comes true, it would be very nice. The nature is the best decoration! But if you can’t do it, why not choose it as the theme for your wedding. Pick blue and white as the main colour.


Source: Wedding Deco

Just take the real beach wedding as the concept for your inspiration



Source: Beau Coup                                                             Source: Brides



Source: Bride

If you would like your wedding to be colourful and interesting, rainbow could be the best choice. It includes various colours and makes the wedding lively!

rainbow-wedding-style-ideas-color-scheme-001Source: Brides


Source: Wedding Bee




Source: Brides

These are just some ideas to inspire your wedding decoration. Come up with your own ideas and create your unique deco for the wedding!

Less is More: Green Wedding

Are you an environmentalist? Wanna hold an eco-friendly wedding?

Some people perhaps concern about how much pollution that holding a wedding will bring to the environment. Sustainability has become an important issue in fashion industry. Why not hold your unique environmental friendly green wedding!

Give up the luxurious limousine and take coach as the substitution. Getting on your coach, you are like prince and princess in the fairy-tale. It is romantic and harmless to the environment.

wedding-coach-and-horses_66Source: Trek Earth

To be environmental friendly does not mean you cannot wear beautiful dress. There are some designers are making the dresses with sustainable fabric and cottons. Now, you can find there are many green wedding dresses are made of cotton. It is still stylish and fabulous! You will feel comfortable when wearing them and meanwhile you are still the most beautiful woman on your big day


 Soure: Pure Magnolia                                         Source: stephaniewilliamsphotography.com


Source: http://www.henan100.com/


Source: Natural Bridal

Or if you don’t mind, try to find some used wedding dresses! Though they have been worn, you can reform it to make your own style! It also could be more affordable.


Used Vera Wang wedding dress from Once Wed

For the wedding venue, omit the unnecessary decoration. If you favour outdoor wedding, you will find nature is the best adornment!



For the invitation, you could also use the recycled paper which is less harmful to the earth!



Source: http://www.foreverfiances.com

When selecting the food served on your wedding, the organic, local and seasonal are recommended. Also, less meat more vegetables will be greener! On your menu you can tell your guests it is a green wedding and why you make this choice.


Who says green wedding cannot be fashionable? Holding your environmental wedding you are not only has beautiful appearance but also a kind heart to your living place.