So Much More Than Just An Accessory

To most brides, little is known about the true meaning of the veil, but let’s not bored our fine young ladies with long winded story about history and religious. Long story short, the bride’s veil carries an important message that is so much more meaningful than just an accessory (unlike all the craziest hats descended at the Royal Ascot).

The long lace veil represents a symbol of virginity and purity for brides given to their mates. A vow to God is made when the bridegroom uncovers the bridal veil, that he will take her under his protection and since that very moment, a girl becomes a charming, married woman.

As time evolves, this tradition has been replaced with something little more creative, the “Headpieces”. Some brides fall in love with a headpiece even before figuring out how to wear their hair. So finding the right pieces that suits your hairstyle is crucial, below we have selected three distinctive types of headpieces to match with different choices of wedding dress. Ready?

The dream of every bride is to look beautiful on her wedding day, every little details plays an extraordinary role in beautifying her and enhancing her overall beauty. The headpiece is definitely the indispensable item, playing a crucial part in accompanying the wedding dress.

Romantic Wedding Headpieces

We secretly love flowers! They are so sweet and romantic. We got a few headpieces here that you won’t want to miss it!

Floral headband or crowns are perfect for spring, summer or bohemian wedding, they are stunning underneath the warm sunshine by adding a little bit of vitality and liveliness to the wedding. There are endless floral combinations and styles you can choose from, like Tulle bloom, comb or even mix in with some crystals and/or pearls. Below are some breathtaking and ladylike headpieces.


Lila  Nataile J Watts


BHLDN  Twigs & Honey

Vintage Wedding Headpieces

The Vintage trend across the 60s-80s are always charming! The timeless piece looks equally gorgeous on its own or mixing up with modern designs. The main colours that represents vintage are beige, cream and ivory. Its’ styles are often knitted with specific fabrics like tulle, netting and lace, and occasionally metal decoration with organza.

The birdcage veil is one of the most glamorous choices. The birdcage veil would make you look slightly mysterious. DIY is also a cost effective way to design your own vintage style and creates something unique for yourself, like turning an old piece of jewelry into a timeless piece of art, after all, we all love to personalize every bit of our outfit.


Sliver Sixpence In Her Shoe


Victoria Milesime


Johanna Johnson 

Extravagant Wedding Headpieces

What about something unordinary, slightly rebellious and funky? Perhaps an extravagant suits your taste. Wearing an oversized hat and colorful feather looks pretty fun, I am sure that would be a wow factor for your guests.






Jean Ellis 

Esemee Fascinators 


Complementing gloves to represent your wedding dress style.

Due to brides always hope they can be more beautiful in their wedding, and we always try to figure out what detail can represent our brides more unique and gorgeous. Today, how about complements gloves with a your stunning dress? Even yours wedding dress is simplest , gloves can improve your dress into a masterpiece. Likewise, gloves can shape bridal hands when they hold wedding bouquets. Anyway, complementing gloves in any outfit can enhance the extra of femininity, how can you dress your gown without them? There are various bridal gloves and some basic introductions about bridal gloves for your choice.

Above the Elbow or Opera length Wedding Gloves 

The type of glove reaches above your elbows and it is the longest formal one. Opera length wedding gloves also set off the bride’s long and thin arms. And also, it can against the cold in fall or winter season wedding.

Short-Wedding Gloves 

The short-Wedding Gloves extend to just above the elbow. It is  the most ordinary ones and they can have a variety of looks.

Fingerless Wedding Gloves 

It has changeable s length, maybe long or short. It will display your slender fingers with your wedding ring. Normally, finger-less wedding gloves are beautified with beads, pearl or lace. The fingerless gloves maybe is your better choose especially  your wedding ring is already exposed.

Gauntlet-Wedding Gloves

This type of bridal glove extends from about the elbow to the wrist, with fingers left exposed.  It may be opportune to choose a pair of gauntlet wedding gloves because your fingers are exposed during the entire wedding.

Wrist-Wedding Gloves

These bridal gloves are common and just cover your hands. Usually, they are made of lace and satin. They are simple designed but looks beautiful. These wrist length gloves will harmonize any style of wedding dress wonderfully. This style is less formal than longer lengths, and works well with long-sleeved gowns. If your arms are short or thick, a pair of wrist wedding gloves will be a suitable choice.

There are many types of gloves, and brides can arrange them with your dress. Then, there are some tips to choose  gloves.

1. Arrange with your dress fabric. The most simple way is choose the same material as your dress.

2.Based on your style of the overall shape and outfit to select the form of gloves.

3.Considering the design and functional.

4. choose the colours. The gloves colour should the same as your dress(many kind of white) or they can shape your dress. (blue or red or sliver)

He likes me. He doesn’t likes me….He likes me!

“Thinking back to the silly days of counting flower petals and daydreaming, or making a wish right before blowing all the seeds off the dandelion, you wish your dream might come true. The little seed have wondered far, seeking the unknown, but now, she has finally sown in one man’s heart as their love blossoms. Turning into the most beautiful flower, this is the moment; she is holding the bridal bouquet and throws it into mid air, passing on the seed of love and marriage to another lucky girl.”

Speaking about the bridal bouquet, what could it be? Just flowers? Hmm…it seems a little bit boring to be real flower. Have you ever thought about anything else for the bouquet? Something creative and unique? If you don’t have any idea, these would be inspirational!

CRYSTALS: stunning and fascinating as always!

Compared to flowers, crystals are shiny and glittery. If your wedding is taking place in summer, imagine yourself talking a stroll in a beautiful English garden, surrounded by fully blossomed flowers and blessed with the warm sunlight, carrying a crystal bouquet in your palms, there is no doubt the most pictureristic scene, down to earth yet elegance! Most of these gorgeous bouquets are decorated with pearls, metals and minerals that carry a vintage touch.




Do you ever think that button could also be part of bridal bouquet? Probably not! The following bridal bouquets are all fully or partly decorated with zillions of buttons! This looks really interesting, using buttons to create a flower and match it with other fabrics, representing the cute and playful nature of yours. You can also design it with colorful buttons and turns it into any objects, like a flamingo or ladybug to show that deep in your heart, you are still young and innocent.



The last bouquet is designed with a vibrant arrangement; it’s made from different shades of colour and ingredients. Most of them are mixed with satin and pearls, some made from paper with vintage graph, and the others are decorated with crystal and lace. I am sure these bouquets would definitely give you some inspirations and help you to find what you want!