Every one has right to Love— Same-sex marriage

Nowadays, more and more people willing to expression their feeling and love even though they love the same-sex. Maybe some people said same-sex love is violating the law of nature. But I think it is power of love, no one can expect and stop it when love comes to you.

In the world, there are 11 countries admission same-sex marriages, as follow: Denmark, Argentina, Iceland, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Belgium and Netherland. Therefore, some region in USA, Mexican and Brazil has admission same-sex marriage as well. There are other format similar same-sex marriage, civil union, domestic partnership or registered partnership. The civil union right is almost same as marriage but lack the name of marriage. The domestic partnership or registered partnership is only the partnership in the low, compare with marriage lack lot of right. in UK only admission the oversea civil union and registered partnership.

ImageFrom: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same-sex_marriage

So what should we celebrate the same-sex marriage. For bridegrooms it is simple, they can choose the same suit with same colour or different colour. The most important is match the partner dress. For brides there more match ways, can be both dress, both suit or one dress and another suit.


From: vincentdear.pixnet.net


From: soyoureengayged.com


From: thinkprogress.org


From: www.thesundaytimes.co.uk


From: www.pajiba.com


From: www.thetimes.co.uk

The wedding decoration can use rainbow be the theme, the rainbow wedding cake and witness of wedding and marriage couple with rainbow accessory. Then the dolls on the wedding cake should be change to same-sex. The location just depends on the marriage couple to choose. Most of the wedding is held in the beach or garden somewhere without traditional pressure.


From: www.thedjservice.com  


From: wonkette.com


From: www.abc.net.au




From: www.fastcodesign.com


From: hum-24.blogspot.com


From: www.tinywaterblog.com

Getting married is a big event of life; every one has the right to get marry with the person who loves. Sexual is just a different between physiological. Love is a great power to make both attract each other. Therefore respect every one who brave to pursue love.


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