Makeup Artist : Se-Chung Liu (Joanne)

Today, we want to introduce our makeup artist friend : SE-CHUN LIU (JOANNE).

We do love her works very much. We found why don’t try to let our brides have more chooses to be more creative, fashionable and  elegance.

Let’s show her creative work as Swan Fairy Tale, we do think this one presents the chic swan princess. She uses brightly colour to light up the model’s sweet face. Her project can inspire our brides to be more creative and unique especially her project is more focus on fashion.

Swan Fairy Tale 

DSC_6914 (1)


2012-05-13 10.55.56



Moreover,  let’s show more her projects to you !

Editorial 2010

2012-05-13 10.47.31




Quentin Jones




Johan Ku (古又文)2010

2012-05-13 11.33.44

2012-05-13 11.34.11

2012-05-13 11.34.44

2012-05-13 11.33.21

2012-05-13 11.32.21

2012-05-13 11.32.57

Se-Chung Liu (Joanne) Website :


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