My little angel-flower girl

Riddle: Angel….angel….angel! Who’s like a “little angel” and dress beautiful as a bride in the wedding ceremony ?

Oh, the answer is flower girl!


The flower girl is like a little angel of love. Little flower girls can not only bring unlimited childlike but also add charm for the wedding. In the wedding day, the bride and bridegroom are the focus . All the guests are have their attentions to them. However, there are also some cute little angels(flower girls) may attract their attentions.

As a result, dress up well is not  just the responsibility for the couple and bridesmaid in the wedding day , thees little angels also need to dress up pretty and lovely as possible as they can. When I was a little girl, I used to be a flower girl. I remember that  I was take pride in the dress up I did. Also I had dreamed that I’m a princess which I read from story books. For my experience, I believe that the flower girls may have the same thinking like me.Want  to look like princess from a fairy tale or like the little bride. Little flower girl modeling can have a variety of changes and styles.

Let’s design and dress up for the most beautiful little angel-flower girl!

Hair style

Nice hair style is essential in order to make lovely flower girls look cuter. A flower girl hairstyle can be doing all the fancy ribbons, garlands, bows, various headgear, and the flaxen hair styling are adopted creative! To design a cute hairstyle for the flower girl will add more colours for the wedding!

Little bride veil modeling


Source: xfwed

Hair accessories- Flower Fairy



Flower girl dresses

It’s important to choose the dresses for flower girls. Because flower girls  play an important role in the wedding ceremony. Also they are  very visible during the wedding day. Let’s see some different types of dresses that you can consider as your choice to your flower girls!

Princess peng skirt

There are some flower girl dresses that are designed to look like princess dresses. These often have a full skirt with lots of frills, lace,beads, flowers, or ribbons.



Elegant little girls 



Different colours of  dresses 

Besides typical white dresses, there are also some colour options for flower girl dresses.



Do you have any ideas to dress up your cute angels in wedding day now? If yes, I believe that you and your little angels will be the most pretty girls in wedding ceremony! Let’s dress up!!!!!


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