He likes me. He doesn’t likes me….He likes me!

“Thinking back to the silly days of counting flower petals and daydreaming, or making a wish right before blowing all the seeds off the dandelion, you wish your dream might come true. The little seed have wondered far, seeking the unknown, but now, she has finally sown in one man’s heart as their love blossoms. Turning into the most beautiful flower, this is the moment; she is holding the bridal bouquet and throws it into mid air, passing on the seed of love and marriage to another lucky girl.”

Speaking about the bridal bouquet, what could it be? Just flowers? Hmm…it seems a little bit boring to be real flower. Have you ever thought about anything else for the bouquet? Something creative and unique? If you don’t have any idea, these would be inspirational!

CRYSTALS: stunning and fascinating as always!

Compared to flowers, crystals are shiny and glittery. If your wedding is taking place in summer, imagine yourself talking a stroll in a beautiful English garden, surrounded by fully blossomed flowers and blessed with the warm sunlight, carrying a crystal bouquet in your palms, there is no doubt the most pictureristic scene, down to earth yet elegance! Most of these gorgeous bouquets are decorated with pearls, metals and minerals that carry a vintage touch.




Do you ever think that button could also be part of bridal bouquet? Probably not! The following bridal bouquets are all fully or partly decorated with zillions of buttons! This looks really interesting, using buttons to create a flower and match it with other fabrics, representing the cute and playful nature of yours. You can also design it with colorful buttons and turns it into any objects, like a flamingo or ladybug to show that deep in your heart, you are still young and innocent.



The last bouquet is designed with a vibrant arrangement; it’s made from different shades of colour and ingredients. Most of them are mixed with satin and pearls, some made from paper with vintage graph, and the others are decorated with crystal and lace. I am sure these bouquets would definitely give you some inspirations and help you to find what you want!




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