Designer Wedding Dress: Michael Cinco Bridal Collection 2013 S/S

Michael Cinco is a Filipino fashion designer based in Dubai. His eco-couture collection was featured in the America’s Next Top Model. In the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012, he launched his scent Impalpable Dream, the latest fragrance of the Bench Designer Scents Collection. Also, his wedding dress is amazing to inspire all bridals in the world.

In a classic wedding, the bridal’s gown is one of the most important elements for a fabulous wedding. Michael Cinco’s 2013 S/S wedding collection evaluates fantastic inspiration to all the bridals. The collection displays ice princess image for all elegant bridals in the world.


The first dress fits the waist and set off the sharp of women. Also, displaying the beautiful shoulder of bride.  The design used many curve lines to compose the multi-level dress with some elegant embroideries lace. The dress totally can set off your beautiful body if you are proud of your hips, bum and bust. Definitely, to dress the gown is like make all brides’ dreams come true, elegant, beautiful and perfect as a princess.

michael-cinco-ss2013-16拷貝螢幕快照 2013-02-05 上午8.24.16

This dress is definitely gorgeous for slim bride, and  the multi-level skirts dressed behind the body still show off the bridal as the main princess in the wedding.

螢幕快照 2013-02-01 上午12.33.03螢幕快照 2013-02-05 上午8.23.58

The design of the gown points out the fabulous line of women’s back. The laces decorate bridal back as jewelry. And it uses transparent fabric to set off the skin, sexy and refinement.


The dresses also use flesh-coloured fabric with special embroidery. Pure and smooth skirt with unique lace on the top. It makes bridal like a princess in the swan lake.  The design looks like drawing pattern on the bridal body, fit the women’s bust. Compare with complicated design of top, the skirt is more simple and classic with elegant style.


This one has a special modern silhouette by using embroidery on the flesh-coloured fabric and exaggerating design. It is more sexy by design V-line till the waist and overdraw the silhouette of hip. If you want to be a outstanding and mordern bride,  this image is suitable for you.

螢幕快照 2013-02-05 上午8.24.02 

On the top of this gown, the complex embroidery displays the refinement of the bridal as amazing sculpture. It makes me imaging the Venus goodness sculpture in the museum that I ever seen. Yap, you definitely can be a stunning goodness in your wedding when you dress it.

螢幕快照 2013-02-05 上午8.24.09

The graceful dress makes us imaging the story of sleeping beauty. The classic cut tern can fit the waist and A-line skirt extending the taller sharp for bridal. And also, the V-neck design set off the beautiful bridals’ bust.

螢幕快照 2013-02-05 上午8.24.12

If you have a perfect body shape, why don’t you choose this one to be your wedding gown? You definitely can be more stunning and impressive to your bridegroom and guests. The dress set off your sharp and bust, and also fits your hip and bum. Moreover, it still has long and elegant skirt.

螢幕快照 2013-02-05 上午8.24.19

This one is more unique and special gown for our brides. The pattern of embroidery on from neck to the waist, it looks like the designer draws the pattern on the bridal’s body by using white embroidery on the flesh-coloured fabric. Although there are all of the complex pattern on the dress but it is not chaotic. Moreover, the design is more unique, sexy and magnificence.

All the Michael Cinco Bridal Collection 2013 S/S not only presents classic and elegant bridals’ gown, but also inspires more special and unique style with exquisite crafts for all the bridals. In other words, it might makes the brides’ impalpable dream come true.

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