Ideas for Wedding Decoration

We all know that bride and groom are the main characters for the wedding.

But the decoration is vital to complete a perfect wedding as well. The leading roles always need the supporting role to support them. Decoration defines the theme of your wedding and expresses the atmosphere of that you want all your guests to experience. It’s just like holding a party! Let’s start from pick the theme of wedding. There are some examples of the wedding decoration.

Flowers could be the theme of a wedding and the rose is one of the most classic choices for a romantic wedding.


From the food to the table, anything you can see in the wedding could be part of the decoration.



Source: Project Wedding

Because you have chosen rose as your theme, and it is luxurious enough, just keep other elements plain and simple to make your wedding elegant.

And if the colour red is too strong for you, the pink rose could be a lovely choice which is softer.




If you dream of holding your wedding on the beach and it comes true, it would be very nice. The nature is the best decoration! But if you can’t do it, why not choose it as the theme for your wedding. Pick blue and white as the main colour.


Source: Wedding Deco

Just take the real beach wedding as the concept for your inspiration



Source: Beau Coup                                                             Source: Brides



Source: Bride

If you would like your wedding to be colourful and interesting, rainbow could be the best choice. It includes various colours and makes the wedding lively!

rainbow-wedding-style-ideas-color-scheme-001Source: Brides


Source: Wedding Bee




Source: Brides

These are just some ideas to inspire your wedding decoration. Come up with your own ideas and create your unique deco for the wedding!


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