Wedding Food: Wedding Cake Never Absent

An amazing wedding not only needs the bride and bridegroom but also wedding cake that is an important element! After the touch moment of wedding vow next step is cutting the wedding cake, the married couple holds the slivery knife together and cuts the cake meaning they will face all the happiness and difficulties together in the future. The wedding cake will also impress the guests to remember this wedding.

Let’s think about how to choose the best wedding cake. Well…not so hard, just need to know what kind of theme you pick and where the wedding location is. Pick up some examples to describe.

For the garden wedding, the cake should be full of lively, nature and fresh atmosphere. 

ImageFrom: Ann-Kay Design

Using the chocolate to create the antique wood and the sugar to make the animals, flowers and leaves, then the bottom case is the wood shape to raise the facticity. The chocolate antique wood presents forever love. Nifty deer looks married couple like send the blessing to them. Furthermore, the bloom flowers mean the love blooming as well. This cake is very suitable for outdoors garden wedding.   

 ImageFrom: Southern wedding

If you favour simple and concise style, this magnolia wedding cake will suit your preference. 5-layer cake uses sugar to make white magnolia with green leaves to ornament. Exhibit this wedding is pure but lively. The married couple is blooming as the flowers. Just imagine the picture of this cake placed in the garden under the white tent with lovely music and the married couple holds slivery knife together to cut down. What a wonderful moment!

ImageFrom: Bridal Guide

Want to be the autumn bride; this cake will enhance the atmosphere. The lowest layer use chocolate cake to make the shape of tree. Seems like the solid love. Upper layer uses the white cake to be background to highlight sugar made garnitures that turn red leafs, red buds and two red birds. Buds like the new life for married couple, waiting for blossom. When holding the wedding on autumn, all leaves turn to red and put it in the garden. The picture will be amazing and feel warm.


Already have too much flower in the garden, want some beautiful guests to join the wedding? Why not invite the butterflies to be your special guests! The 5-layer chocolate cake are not too much garnish, come to front are flying butterflies that bring wish happiness to the married couple. Putting it in a mass of blossom garden is especially eye-catch.    

ImageFrom: Event Inspiration
ImageFrom: Cake Love


Want something different? You can try cupcake. Cupcake is small but you can gather them together TO be a huge wedding cake. In addition, the couple can decide how they want to arrange. Using different cupcakes to create a garden. Just building a dream garden. Moreover, cupcake is easy to share and eat. Every guest will love them. 

This time is about garden wedding cake, you can choose it depending on what kind of element you prefer. Trying to create the atmosphere as you wish. And the best thing is the wedding cake that is able to present your love!


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