Less is More: Green Wedding

Are you an environmentalist? Wanna hold an eco-friendly wedding?

Some people perhaps concern about how much pollution that holding a wedding will bring to the environment. Sustainability has become an important issue in fashion industry. Why not hold your unique environmental friendly green wedding!

Give up the luxurious limousine and take coach as the substitution. Getting on your coach, you are like prince and princess in the fairy-tale. It is romantic and harmless to the environment.

wedding-coach-and-horses_66Source: Trek Earth

To be environmental friendly does not mean you cannot wear beautiful dress. There are some designers are making the dresses with sustainable fabric and cottons. Now, you can find there are many green wedding dresses are made of cotton. It is still stylish and fabulous! You will feel comfortable when wearing them and meanwhile you are still the most beautiful woman on your big day


 Soure: Pure Magnolia                                         Source: stephaniewilliamsphotography.com


Source: http://www.henan100.com/


Source: Natural Bridal

Or if you don’t mind, try to find some used wedding dresses! Though they have been worn, you can reform it to make your own style! It also could be more affordable.


Used Vera Wang wedding dress from Once Wed

For the wedding venue, omit the unnecessary decoration. If you favour outdoor wedding, you will find nature is the best adornment!



For the invitation, you could also use the recycled paper which is less harmful to the earth!



Source: http://www.foreverfiances.com

When selecting the food served on your wedding, the organic, local and seasonal are recommended. Also, less meat more vegetables will be greener! On your menu you can tell your guests it is a green wedding and why you make this choice.


Who says green wedding cannot be fashionable? Holding your environmental wedding you are not only has beautiful appearance but also a kind heart to your living place.


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