Who says wedding dresses are boring?

Have you ever thought about what kind of wedding dresses that you want to wear in wedding day? Every bride dreams of her wedding dress and wants to be the most beautiful and outstanding girl in wedding day. Most wedding dresses are standard, romantic, elegant, white and long train – typically traditional wedding dress.

However, some of the brides want to be more creative than others. Because of this reason, there are more and more specific wedding dresses – creative, unusual, and unique. Some of them are unique because they have special painting or they were made of unusual materials and colours or the wedding dresses have a very long train. Here are a few examples of uniqueness in wedding dresses design. Let’s say — nontraditional wedding dresses with some creative ideas and concepts:

Balloon wedding dress

Balloons can be used in different occasions, and they are not only for decorations. Some balloon artists use their creativity to make many unbelievable and amazing products. Someone who comes up the idea-balloon dresses. It can be seen below in the pictures. Some of  the brides say that they feel like they’re floating on air when wearing balloon wedding dresses. Maybe some people may think that a wedding dress made out of balloons is such a crazy idea, but there’s no doubt that  it’s a unique and creative wedding dress for the bride.


3 (1)


Is it food or wedding dress?

What? Food can be turned into wedding dress? Food is not only for eat but also can be used in other ways? Have you ever thought that wedding dresses made by food? Don’t kidding me! But as you can see, here is a wedding dress inspired and made by profiteroles. It’s so incredible, isn’t it? I wonder that whether they ate profiteroles or not after the wedding.

 strange-wedding-dress-05 - 複製

Flower wedding dress

alexander-mcqueen-bridal-2011-inspiration-horz - 複製

Left picture: Nude silk organza embroidered with silk flowers and fresh flowers, “Sarabande”, Spring 2007.

flower-wedding-dress (1)-horz - 複製

Toilet paper wedding dress

Toilet paper which is life necessities and use in a variety of purposes. People use it everyday but may not think that it can also use in creative and interesting ways. Can you image that people use it to make a wedding dress? Oh!You must to believe it! Toilet paper wedding gown creation is stunning and gorgeous! Let’s take a look at some of these incredible masterpieces below the pictures.

toilet-paper-dress-299x257 - 複製


cashmere-2008-thien-le - 複製

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

Animal concept of wedding dress



chinese_peacock - 複製

How long is the train of wedding dress?

Unusual wedding dress with an incredibly long train? Princess Diana also wore a particular long train wedding dress in her epic royal wedding. The couple in this picture is from China. Compared to the normal wedding dress, the wedding dress that the bride wore has a very long train. Hopefully, their love can be endless like the train.

strange-wedding-dress-02 - 複製

Whatever your style, whatever your look, find your unique and creative wedding dresses from above ideas.

To be the unique bride!


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